About Us

Blue Ridge Church is a family of Christian believers in the Reformed tradition, dedicated to helping people become believing thinkers and thinking believers.  We believe God calls us to faith, but we also believe He gives us ample evidence for our faith.  We believe that reason and logic are God's gifts, intended to be used in light of spiritual understanding.  Our doctrine is simple:  Scripture is the ultimate authority for all we believe and do.  Where the Bible clearly reveals God's will, we seek to follow it as fully as possible.  And where God has not chosen to give us absolute revelation about some things, we allow for differences of understanding and practice, while encouraging one another to faithful study of God's Word and prayerful seeking of God's Holy Spirit for the revelation of truth.  In all things, we seek to honor and glorify our Creator, Who is worthy of every possible praise!


Worship at Blue Ridge centers around God's Word, with music, Bible study, and preaching that are designed to lead us to know and experience God, find freedom in His grace through Jesus Christ, and go out to live lives that reflect our love for God and our fellow man.  Our services are informal, so come dressed comfortably.  Our services are "family-integrated"--in other words, your children are welcome to sit with you and experience worship and Bible study.  Special kid-friendly, healthy snacks are free in our café area, alongside freshly-brewed coffee, hot tea, and pastries.  


Members and guests are also invited to participate in any of our weekday LifeGroups, where believers gather for fellowship and lively discussion of the Bible, God, and life.


We would love to welcome you at one of our gatherings soon!