Because the Bible tells us that God is all-powerful and worthy of praise, our goal is to worship God in the ways He has given us as a model.  The following elements are part of our regular worship services:

Scripture--­­Because the Bible is the sole authority for our faith and practice, we read God's Word together when we meet for worship. Sometimes a reader will share a particular passage; other times, we will read a passage together or responsively.

Music­­--At Blue Ridge, we value creativity and artistic expression, so we also celebrate a variety of musical styles. Most often, our services include traditional hymns (sometimes arranged in new ways, to keep the words fresh and remind us of the message), more contemporary Christian songs and sometimes secular songs (those not from "Christian" artists) that explore spiritual themes.  Music is chosen with careful consideration of the theology presented.

Prayer--­­In prayer, we bare our souls before God.  We confess our sins, repent, and experience God's grace as we pray honestly and fervently; we bring our requests and concerns for ourselves, for others, and for God's Church; and we give thanks to God for all the blessings of life.

Preaching--­­At Blue Ridge, we believe the Bible is powerful and capable of shedding light on our spiritual paths. Therefore, we practice expository preaching: simply moving through sections of Scripture in an orderly fashion, letting God's Word speak for itself and learning together as we go. It is our belief that God Himself will speak through the Bible, and that we don't have to preach "at" certain topics in order to create change in people's lives. Rather, we trust God to bring change where it's needed as we study the Bible together.  Typically, we'll cover one book of the Bible at a time, in order to help us all become more familiar with Scripture as a whole.  

Artistic Elements­­--At times, you may see drama sketches, photos, paintings or other creative media used to illustrate certain themes in Scripture.  These are chosen carefully to add to our understanding of the biblical concepts being discussed.

Tithes and Offerings­­--We don't pass an offering plate during our services.  Instead, we have offering boxes at the entrance to the worship center.            We believe that joyful, generous giving is an important element of our worship.

Mercy Ministries
It is our belief that the Church should be a place for people to find healing and help, as well as truth. Mercy ministries encompasses pastoral care, counseling, benevolence ministries and recovery ministries for those struggling with addiction or other issues. As we grow, we have a plan for developing each of these areas in a gradual, purposeful way. In the meantime, please contact the church office if you have a need and we will address those on a case­-by-­case basis.  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE AN ONLINE APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE


Children & Families Ministry

Our goal at Blue Ridge is to integrate children into all aspects of church life.  If worship, service, Bible study, prayer, and giving are things God commands us to do as believers, shouldn't the youngest among us learn them from an early age?  In addition to the usual worship gatherings and other meetings of the whole congregation, we offer period special events for children and their families to share together.  We encourage you to ask about upcoming events and make suggestions of anything you'd like us to consider offering!