What to Expect

Visiting a new church for the first time can be a bit awkward, so we'd like to put your mind at ease!

Blue Ridge is modern--that means that you're welcome to wear comfortable, everyday clothes when you visit.  We offer coffee, juice, and snacks for adults and kids, because we know it's tough to get everyone ready on Sundays and sometimes breakfast "falls through the cracks."  Our worship style is interactive, and we use a variety of teaching tools, including video illustrations, artwork and other elements that help emphasize and clarify the Scripture being studied.  We're faithful--that means we trust the Bible as our guide for all we believe and do, and we emphasize the Gospel above all else in our worship and teaching.  We believe that being faithful means much more than being traditional--it means looking to God as the ultimate standard for whatever we do together in His name.  And we're friendly--not just in a backslapping, superficial way, but in ways that go much deeper.  Often, guests and occasional attenders tell us they've been amazed at the care and concern others in the congregation have expressed for them and their families.  Blue Ridge Church cares about you because God cares about you.  We want to love and serve one another well in Jesus' name, and we hope you'll find yourself very welcome here!